Code of Ethics:

Code of Ethics is to check malpractices and plagiarism in research

Objective :

  1. To create awareness among faculty and students about conduct of research, promotion of academic integrity, prevention of malpractices and plagiarism in research at higher education institutions.
  2. To develop a system to detect and prevent plagiarism in research publications, books and book chapters of faculty and dissertation/thesis of PG students.
  3. Procedure :

    The following procedure is adopted by the college to check plagiarism in the thesis / dissertation / publication of research papers/chapters in books / full-fledged books and any other similar.

    The research papers of the faculty/ student before sending to any journal or conference, it is run through anti-plagiarism software for checking the similarity index.

    ♠ Levels of Plagiarism would be quantified into following levels in ascending order of severity:

    Level 0: Similarities up to 10% - Accept
    Level 1: Similarities between 10% > 30% - Permissible
    Level 2: Similarities between 30% > 60% - Resubmit
    Level3: Similarities >60% - Reject