To be a center of excellence for developing technocrats with moral and social ethics, to face the global challenges for the sustainable development of the society.


  • To create conducive academic culture for the learning and identifying career goals.
  • To provide quality technical education, research opportunities and imbibe
  • To inculcate values and skills, that will empower our students towards development through technology

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    The graduate learning can be described as a learning environment which is technically focused in nature. The objective of focus lies on acquiring knowledge and implementing it through skills.

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    The post- graduate learning environment can be regarded as sophisticated, intense and intellectual in nature because it prioritizes many aspects like acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking, analyzing existing knowledge, and developing new knowledge.

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    Doctor of Philosophy is the most advanced and prestigious degree that can be earned in academic. 'Lover of wisdom' is what the Greek word 'philosopher' can also mean.

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    Faiz Syed Naushad Ali

    Software Engineer

    CGI Hyderabad


    Located at the heart of Nagpur City, Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology (A.C.E.T.) provides great connectivity removing the hassle of traffic and long driving hours. At A.C.E.T. the environment allows you deal and have a look at the big picture of future by challenging your minds with consistent competitions like Hackathons.They provide best in Placements, Training, Exposure to the outer Environment and especially acts as a bridge between Academics and Industry.


    Vibhay Kumar Bayya

    AWS cloud support network engineer


    Its been fortunate to be a part of the ACET, Nagpur where I got the platform to enrich my skills and henceforth a bright light towards my life, with the support and endeavor of my faculty members all the way with my family.


    Satyajit Biswal

    Senior Engineering Lead

    Persistent System Limited


    As ALUMNI of Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology's Computer Science department, I'm grateful for the excellent education and support received. The rigorous curriculum and hands-on experience have been instrumental in shaping my career in the tech industry. I highly recommend Anjuman College for those seeking a strong foundation and valuable networking opportunities in Computer Science.


    Sadiya Zehra

    Software QA lead

    Paymennt (Dubai)


    I embarked upon my Engineering journey from this college. ACET gave me the memories for a lifetime. This place has given me innumerable opportunities to grow and rise, to enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. My Engineering journey here has been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to the outside world


    Nooruddin Ansari

    Sr. System Analyst

    Zurich Insurance, Hong Kong


    Life in ACET was nothing less than a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs one can imagine. But throughout the journey I have learned a lot. It have provided me with some great opportunities which helped me improve myself in every aspect as a student, as a senior, as a friend, as a sportsperson, as a leader and most importantly as a professional. Experience in ACET have helped me sharpen my skills in my field of choice by providing fully equipped labs where I could practice and learn. Apa


    Maqsood Ansari

    Sr. Software Engineer

    TCS, UK


    ACET College and particularly the Computer Science and Engineering Department have paved a great role in my success in career. I have very fond memories of this college and my mentors. I have always felt the need to contribute something back to the college and its students. Therefore, I will be happy to be a part of your endeavors to help the students to excel in their careers. In near future, I hope to see the college among the top colleges in India with a stronger campus selection and h


    Junaid Khan

    Senior Engineer Simulation



    "ACET: Where Education Meets Adventure. My college life at ACET was a thrilling journey of growth and inspiration. The supportive faculty, engaging curriculum, and vibrant campus life made every moment memorable. To current students: Embrace the adventure, learn passionately, and create unforgettable experiences. Your time at ACET will shape the path to your dreams"