About Department Of Electronics & Power-Electrical Engineering


To be an epitome of excellence with global standards in the field of Electrical Engineering for providing human resource capable of overcoming technological challenges for sustainable benefits to the society.


We are committed to the creation of competent graduates, proficient in state-of-the-art knowledge, capable of self-learning, imbibed with professional ethics & qualified to address challenges in the field of Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Ruhi Uzma Sheikh,
Head of the Department


The Department of Electrical Engineering has been established in the year 1999-2000. Since then Department of Electrical Engineering has made landmark contributions to the development of cutting edge technology. The department has well furnished and spacious laboratories as per AICTE norms with state of the art equipment in all the laboratories and dedicated 100 Mbps internet leased line. The teaching faculty is highly qualified, experienced and involved in research and development. The department publishes News letter which provides panoramic retrospection of round the year activities of department Department has formed the student forum named PHOENIX. Under this banner student of the department conduct various technical and non-technical activities for their overall development. Also looking into the need of the day there is a Energy Conservation Cell in addition to PHOENIX. This cell creates awareness among the student and the society about the Energy conservation which is the major issue now a day.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • PEO1 :-Our Electrical Engineering graduates employed within engineering field will demonstrate technical competence in providing effective engineering solutions.
  • PEO2 :-Our graduates will fulfill the needs of society in solving technical problems in an ethical and responsible manner.
  • PEO3 :-Our graduates will be imbibed with self-learning qualities, evidenced through continuous skill development.
  • PEO4 :-Our graduates will be oriented towards research in Energy Management and exploration of non-conventional energy sources.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • PSO1 :- Our Electrical Engineering students will have good knowledge to design, develop and simulate systems using MATLAB and other Engineering applications/software.
  • PSO2 :- Our students will be able to understand various terminologies of Electrical Engineering for handling technical issues.
  • PSO3 :- Our students will be aware of latest developments in Electrical Engineering systems as well as Machineries used in Industries.

Course Outcomes

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