Library Rules

  1. Every student entering the Library / Reading room should have a valid College I-Card.
  2. Student must carry I-card while visiting to library. He/She shall not be allowed to access library if he/she fails to do so.
  3. Every student or any user who wishes to enter in library should sign the users Register maintained by library.
  4. Text books are issued to student to take home against library I-card for 10 days. In case of late return of books, student will have to pay a fine of delay Rs.1/- per day per book.
  5. Re-issue of books shall be only for 10 days depending upon the demand for the same.
  6. A person found mutilating the pages of the book or damaging it shall be debarred from using the library.
  7. Reference books like year book, encyclopedia, project report, magazines and journals will not be issued. These can be referred to in the library reading room only.
  8. In case of damage or loss of book, it will have to be replaced with same or new edition.
  9. Writing on books or pages by Ink or Pencil is strictly prohibited. If it is found, it shall be considered as damaging the book and appropriate action shall be taken.
  10. A Complete silence and strict discipline shall be maintained in the library / Reading room.
  11. In case of loss of I-Card, the new I-Card will be issued on payment of Rs. 100/-
  12. On Sunday, 2nd Saturday & 4th Saturday / holiday library will remain closed.

Library Discipline

  1. Talking, spitting, eating, smoking, sleeping, putting legs on the table or any other misbehavior shall be strictly prohibited.
  2. All personal belongings like bags, apron, folders, drafter, drawing book etc. should be deposited on the property counter before entry in the library.
  3. Disciplinary action will be taken against students talking on mobile phones in the library.
  4. Strict action shall be taken against the person, violating the above library & disciplinary rules.


  1. Members/ users have to produce their identity cards at the entrance and sign the register at the entrance before entering the library.
  2. Members/ users have to keep their personal belongings at the property counter, at the entrance compulsorily.
  3. Users of library are not permitted to take personal copies of books or other printed materials inside the section.
  4. This facility is meant for Educational purpose only.
  5. Users are allowed to search only educational websites. Those found violating the instruction shall be stop from using this facility.
  6. Orkut, facebook, etc is strictly prohibited.
  7. DTP works are strictly prohibited.
  8. Online e-books, e-journals, syllabus and university question papers searching facility are available in multimedia section.
  9. Each user shall be allowed to sit for one hour only in multimedia section.
  10. Users should reserve their slot one hour before their use.
  11. Silence shall be strictly observed inside the library.
  12. Users have to leave fifteen minutes before the closing hour of library.
  13. Users must properly shutdown computer and leave your seat by arranging chair.


  1. Personal pen drives/ USBs/ CDs/DVDs are not allowed. If you need any data for educational purpose then users needs to seek prior permission from the concerned staff.
  2. All those users who are found violating the library rule, their library membership shall be cancelled with immediate effect.