Under Graduate(UG)-Artificial Intelligence & Data science

Program Outcome:


 PEO1:The graduates will have a strong foundation in mathematical , scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate , solve and analyze engineering problem in their career.

 PEO2:-Graduates will be able to create and design computer support systems and impart knowledge and skills to analyze, design, test and implement various software applications.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

 PSO1:-Foundation of mathematical concepts: To use mathematical methodologies and techniques for computing and solving problem using suitable mathematical analysis, data structures, database and algorithms as per the requirement.

 PSO2:-Foundation of Computer System: The capability and ability to interpret and understand the fundamental concepts and methodology of computer systems and programming. Students can understand the functionality of hardware and software aspects of computer systems, networks and security.

 PSO1:-Foundations of Software development: The ability to grasp the software development lifecycle and methodologies of software system and project development.

Course Outcomes

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